Cleaned up a couple pages, added some developments to the semi-random facts on the About page, deleted a post that doesn't really belong anymore.
Platypunks are now offered as consolation upon reaching the 404 page.
A new post, Resolutions and Dissolutions.

Added a new page to the library showcasing the bulk of the books I read in 2022, plus added a couple new buttons to the Zones page.
Added a fourth set of photos to the Teddy Bear Dwarf Sunflowers gallery.
Added some new links to the Zones page and a third set of photos to the Teddy Bear Dwarf Sunflowers gallery.
A new archival post, The World We Create (and the World Created). Renamed the Gallery page to the Library in anticipation for the myriad things that will eventually be displayed there.
Added the first collection of images for the Teddy Bear Dwarf Sunflowers to the gallery.
Wrestled with flexbox coding to finally give the About page the responsive layout it was always supposed to have, complete with a randomized image! Also added a dedicated Contact page.
A new blog post, Tiny Plants, Taxing Hobbies, plus added some buttons to the index page.
Added the Gallery page along with its first collection, a miscellany of old photos taken on a walk in Richmond last year.
Quite a few changes, including a big one: I got my own domain! The original still works, but every link should automatically redirect to A new archival post on how to read Magus of the Library (or most commercial digital manga, honestly) in Japanese. Also added a few new sites and cleaned up some links on the Zones page.
A new blog post, 日本語に戻る (Nihongo ni Modoru). Also added a guestbook on a whim. Kinda obliges the creation of a dedicated "contact me" page, but there wouldn't be much else to put on it...
"Current status" dialogue box added to the homepage. Will this truly spur the creation of more microblogs compared to the infrequently used bird app? Only time will tell...
Overhauled the Zones page to accomodate all my shiny new buttons and try to do justice for the sites linked without. I'm pretty sure I've forgotten a couple I've always meant to add, but I'll probably get them up there later. Also a new blog post, Food for the Soul (and Site).
Changelog and credits page added, plus an overhaul of the footer. This will just record major changes or additions insead of the little touches I end up doing all over the place.